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Billiard Art
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Billiard Art

When you're tired after a hard work or when you want to do something at the week-end you take your friend to play billiards. How pleasant it is to relax and to talk with the person you like playing your favorite game! Do you like it? Then we have great news for you! You don't have to spend time on walking to the billiard club anymore! Have you ever dreamt of your own billiard table right in your room? Your dream has come true. Now it's time for Billiard Art! All you need is to download this game, invite your best friend to your place, sit comfortably in the arm-chair and begin! 3D graphic makes the game true to life! Many various options are available: if you don't like the table you can choose another shape to your liking, if the balls are too small you can change the size, too. Do you feel you're not well-prepared yet? You can get trained before meeting your friend. Playing against a computer partner is also available! Your video chipset capacity will affect the game speed. To make you get all the benefits of Billiard Art various options are at your disposal. The roles of players may be different and from the great amount of settings you can even find something irregular. By the way, minimal resources of the video card are required. Don't wait for your friend's invitation! Take up some training to master your skills in Billiard Art. Change options again and again to overcome new difficulties! Carry the cue and show your friend who is the winner today!