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Amanda Rose: The Game of Time
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Amanda Rose: The Game of Time

Find Amanda's father and solve the mystery of a time machine in a marvelous game Amanda Rose: The Game of Time! This game belongs to the hidden objects genre and is incredibly tricky and interesting. Mr. Rose is a skilled pilot. One night he goes to Arizona to help his friend and disappears. The police say that his plane has crashed. His daughter Amanda receives a package from her father with instructions how to find him. She travels to Arizona to see the crash site. This is where her adventure begins. The time machine takes her back in time and Amanda wakes up in the epoch of Wild West. Will you risk helping the beautiful girl in her search? You are to find hidden objects, fix the broken devices and help people who have information about Amanda's father. You will become a witness of a bank robbery, catch the malicious criminals and do your best to find the parts of the time machine key. Search the colorful locations: a saloon, a bank, a sheriff's office and more. It won't be easy to find all objects. Some of them that are unavailable contain a lock icon. It means that they are hidden in a secret place - in a locked chest, a cache and what not! In the game Amanda Rose: The Game of Time you are also to solve puzzles: try to read a torn letter, defuse a bomb, and place levers in correct positions! Will you cope with all the puzzles and save the girl and her father? Test your logic and attentiveness in a fabulous game Amanda Rose: The Game of Time!