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Myplaycity Puzzles
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Myplaycity Puzzles

Myplaycity Puzzles is offering you a wide variety of levels and modes to feel free and get the real pleasure of game process. Eager to set a challenge to your brain and attention? Wanna spend some time in the company of the smart riddle and good music? Welcome to the world of puzzles opening for you with Myplaycity Puzzles! The words are distributed into 16 themes and sometimes are hidden in the most perplexing way! Words necessary to find are shown on the left and it's not that easy to see them on the board. They are placed in a strange way that doesn't let you relax your eyes even for a second! The Myplaycity Puzzles game trains you to search for the words like for a needle in a huge hayrick. The game is designed in a very clever way allowing the gamer enjoy the freedom of choice. Starting from the mode you would prefer and finishing with the topic and words you would like to deal with. The modes are: Quest, Sprint and Relaxing. The quest mode is the one where you have to take part in various levels and face random themes. The more difficult the task is the bigger score you get. The sprint mode offers you a competition against time and the themes are also random. And only the relaxing mode allows you to play without time limits and choose the topic you like. There are 16 themes altogether including world cities, cinema, higher education, etc. The game is no doubt challenging and mind-capturing and you really need to stay focused to finish the level in time! Welcome to a good version of brain-cracking games that thrill and entertain us!