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Categories: Arcade, Kids


Grabrilla is a wonderful brick-breaking arcanoid! Are you bored? Don't worry! Look how a Gorilla, the main character of the game, entertains! It destroys buildings of the old city throwing a coconut to the bricks! Try it yourself and see how funny it is! This pastime makes the boredom go away and will certainly entertain you! Your mission here is to break all the stones on the top and go to the next level. Thanks to the wonderful in-game graphics you'll find yourself in the new picturesque surroundings during every next stage. Go to the jungle's depth as far as you can, and you'll find lots of interesting ruins that will undoubtedly amaze you! Keep in mind that the crazy coconut flies very quickly and you'll do your best not to lose it. If you aren't attentive enough and let the nut fall down, you'll lose the life. Remember, that you have only three attempts to win. Have a look at the shining bricks - when breaking them you get special power-ups that will double or even triplicate your coconut, so you'll be able to break the wall very quickly. Play the absorbing game Grabrilla, enjoy cheerful music and knock the stones in time as quick as you can! When the game is over you can estimate your results and compare your achievements to the scores of the other players in the list of records. Show your best result and get as much points as possible! Download the game Grabrilla right now for free and have fun!


Download Grabrilla - Funny games Download Grabrilla - Funny games Download Grabrilla - Funny games


Lots of jungle bricks
Picturesque graphics
2 modes of playing
Cheerful music and sound effects
Entertaining and funny game for all ages
Funny games - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP or better
Pentium 200mhz or better
15 MB hard drive space
800x600 display resolution mode or higher
High or true color highly recommended
DirectX 5.0 or better
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