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Metro: Last Light Review

2 July 2013 |

Metro: Last Light - New Hope of Atmospheric Games

Game Info

  • Developer / Publisher:
    4A Games
  • PC: $49.99 [ Download ]

Imagine the world of 2034 destroyed by the latest world war: the wind is blowing and spreading the killing radiation over the Earth, and awful creatures generated by this radiation become new lords of the Earth. Several thousands of people who managed to survive in Moscow metro are trying to get by though they are quite helpless.

Screenshot #1 Metro: Last Light  Review

They are not eager to unite and so are just killing each other. Metro stations are now new types of cities. That's what we see from the pages of Dmitry Glukhovsky's series of novels and also computer games - Metro: 2033.

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Metro: Last Light is a sequel of the computer game and it tells us the story of Artyom, the guy from one metro station, who has strange connection with a new type of mutant - the Dark One. During the 1st part of the book Artyom and his mates destroyed the enemies. There Glukhovsky decided to put an end to this story that's why we're not going to see those heroes and events in Metro 2034 in the novel. Still 4A Games decided to develop the game based on Artyom's story and let "the show go on".

The main hero of Metro: Last Light wakes up and finds himself in a secret metro complex. That's the place where the group destined to protect the metro inhabitants was developed. And Artyom is the official member of the group. A mysterious acquaintance visits Artyom and tells him that a member from the Dark One managed to survive after the destruction from the rocket blow and now Artyom is to find him as our hero is the only one who can feel such mutants and has contact with them. That's what we learn from the very beginning. Later the main political forces appear, they are ready to fight against each other and win to get the important resources. As you see, the plot unfolds very quickly and there are a lot of sudden events in the game. Discover all of them!

Screenshot #6 Metro: Last Light  Review

Metro: Last Light is much better than its predecessor: all the bugs were fixed in this part of the game. Now it's a FPS again but the mechanics is of high-quality here. The gunplays has become more interesting and dynamic thanks to well-organized shooting (blow-back and realistic ballistics are also really wonderful). As for the stealth it's great: you may creep in the dark, stun the enemy and remain unnoticed. You'll make profit of it in many various situations in the game. New opportunities are waiting for you: sneak up behind the opponent and knock him on the head. The mutants' artificial intellect entertains you during the missions: being both complicated and capturing they provide you with wonderful feelings and we understand that 4A Games had done everything for it.

Screenshot #4 Metro: Last Light  Review

You can't but admire the graphics: dancing shadows are wonderful! 4A Engine has changed, and Metro: Last Light is a better optimized version that the 1st part.

The ambient is developed with nearly pinpoint accuracy! Though the plot in Metro: Last Light is quite straight you still can explore the stations, listen to the people's talks, touch various objects, shoot in the shooting gallery and watch the plays in the improvised theatre…

Screenshot #9 Metro: Last Light  Review

For those who want more opportunities there is only one piece of advice - just play the game yourself! Watch Metro: Last Light as a movie, read it as a book and play it - you'll never get bored with it! All these things I mentioned plus amazing post-Soviet atmosphere will no doubt answer your needs and make the game one of your favorite entertainments.


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