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2013-09-24 |

BADLAND - Journey Along Enchanted Forest

Screenshot #1 BADLAND Review

BADLAND by Frogmind is the game that reminds us of the famous World Of Goo with its peculiar atmosphere. BADLAND - is a good mixture of the capturing gameplay, unusual characters and really fantastic graphics. But not so many things at once! Let's discuss everything in stages. Read More >>

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2013-09-17 |

Granny Smith: Catch Thief and Save Your Apples

Screenshot #1 Granny Smith Review

If you think that old ladies are fond of sitting in front of their TV-sets, watching soap-operas and knitting you have never heard of Granny Smith. Well, of course, some of grannies still live their peaceful lives and play with their grandchildren but not this old lady. What Granny Smith is really fond of are her green juicy apples. But now she's going to have real problems - thieves that appeared in her garden are always ready to steal the fruit! That's why this madam is getting angry and the whole fun begins. Read More >>

2013-09-10 |

Amazing Alex: Build Incredible Constructions with Alex

Screenshot #1 Amazing Alex Review

What do boys usually do during their summer holidays? Rovio offers us its own unusual answer to this question. It tells us about Alex - the naughty guy who knows how to entertain himself even when his friends are far away and can't play with him. So meet new game Amazing Alex that has a lot in store for you. Read More >>

2013-09-03 |

Sprinkle Islands: Extinguish All Fires on Islands

Screenshot #1 Sprinkle Islands Review

Practically all of us love water. We like the way it runs, we watch it in the rivers and lakes and listen to the pleasant sounds of water. This time there is one more thing you can do with water - put out fires! The developers from Mediocre give you an opportunity to feel as if you are a real fireman in Sprinkle Islands. This game is rather young but millions of users all over the world have already made it their favorite one among mobile games and it's not surprising at all! Read More >>