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Mass Effect 3 Review

7 May 2013 |

Mass Effect 3 - Back to the Earth

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In March, 2012 BioWare released the 3rd and the last part of the famous space shooter - Mass Effect 3. This time you'll face the Reapers who set you riddles in 2 previous parts of the game. Does it mean any good for you? No way! Their only aim is to destroy everything on their way. And you're, as usual, the only one who can take the weapon and counterattack the enemies.

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BioWare has prepared a special gift for the fans of the second part of the game. Once you start playing you're offered to play for your favorite character from Mass Effect 2 in case of any information left on your computer. Others can create a new character and start from the very beginning. As Mass Effect 3 belongs to the genre of RPG it makes impact on the whole process: the sex of your hero and his/her actions on the game field affect the dialogues, the tasks and the results of the game. And of course, in Mass Effect 3, as well as in any other part, you can't do without Commander Shepard - the main person in fighting against the Reapers. All familiar characters will be also present here. New confederates will probably be useful but you can kill the unwanted if you like.

No wonder that the key advantage of Mass Effect 3 is its plot. Being both complicated and epical it includes even love stories and legends about honor and treason. Each character is special and has his/her life history and own future that depends upon hero's behavior. The life of other characters - the friends of the player - also depends upon him or her. The game is just stuffed with constant fire-fights and movies with dialogues between characters which are quite long and take considerable time of the game.

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And of course, good graphics allows us to enjoy beautiful scenery of the space battles. And perfect sound effects add much to the atmosphere of the game: sometimes they make it more tragic, sometimes - more dynamic. The voicework is also of high quality.

Gameplay in Mass Effect 3 is quite interesting. It features a good combination of the 3rd person shooter and tactics. You'll get to choose between upgrading either the weapons and energy fields or androids and exoskeletons. Good distribution of these criteria will determine your character class.

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It will be possible to survive and rescue all your comrades if you manage to use your skills wisely. But it's only one side of the coin! Matters of life and death can be solved not only with the help of weapons. Many problems can be solved by a couple of words.

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There is also the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 but it's more likely to be a nice bonus than a full opportunity to enjoy the process with your friends. Actually, all you have to do here is to choose the units class and fight against numerous enemies.

So what do we get in the end? The game is no doubt worth playing. And it's not only the graphics and ability to upgrade your characters - it's the capturing plot which makes you read a real novel and you can't help but do it! No doubt, any experienced reader will be happy to cuddle up with such a nice book!


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