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Half-Life 2 Review

16 July 2013 |

Half-Life 2 - Silent Pointy-Head Saves World.

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    Valve Corporation
  • PC: $4.99 [ Download ]

So many words have already been said about the immortal child of Valve Software that it seems there is practically nothing to add! Still since the first part of the game was released 10 years ago we still meet people who have no idea of what Half-Life actually is. By the way, the game's popular graphical Source Engine receives updates even now and the picture in the game looks all right.

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Let's start from the beginning of the story. 20 years passed since the events of the first part of the game where we got acquainted with Gordon Freeman and learned about his adventures in Black Mesa Research Facility. This period Freeman spent in stasis. The world has changed a lot. The world's population live under the totalitarian pressure of the new participating member of the conflict - so called Combat Unit, the alien race from the far galaxy that captures everything on its way. And of course the Earth wasn't an exception! In Half-Life 2 you find yourself in City 17 (that is the name of one city - now all of them are named by numbers), where you're trying to protect the Combine Citadel from destruction. But this is only brief summary. In reality the plot in Half-Life 2 is more interesting and complicated. And good news for those who have never played Half-Life: don't worry - these two parts differ a lot and you're going to get completely different entertainment here.

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Half-Life 2 is the atmospheric game and the gameplay is just incredible. The game situations change one another very quickly so that you could take part in many events from crazy gunplay to physical puzzle, trips on various kinds of transport and other actions. You'll no doubt be impressed by the Alliance air force battles, the rebels' settlement defense and of course the city of Ravenholm where the headcrab zombie-infested people live (the monsters from the first part are still here).

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The game is big and massive, it's obvious. There are a lot of opportunities and decorations, the game physical engine is wonderful and the enemies are of different types in Half-Life 2. Valve Software also did their best to render the heroes (Gordon's mate Alyx is considered to be one of the most charming girls in the whole video games history). All these things interweaves with really interesting game world and the plot that is worth being told in one of the best sci-fi stories.

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The soundtrack is also worth mentioning as it is a good continuation of the Half-Life tradition. Being the mixture of ambient and industrial styles this melody composed by Kelly Bailey accompanies many of the episodes.

The game world in Half-Life 2 is so wonderfully created that you can't but dream of being the part of it. And all this is not without reason - the name of the designer who had a finger in a pie is Victor Antonov who later creates the world of the popular Dishonored game. It's really interesting to play this game: once the process seems to become ordinary, the game shows you something new. And at the same time you believe in everything that happens to you, worry about the heroes, become closer to them and their problems. And guess what? The main point of our hero Gordon Freeman - his silence during the whole process - is with him in Half-Life 2. So let's put "excellent" for such a wonderful presentation of the material.

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What do we have as the result? Nearly ideal game where each detail, the graphic and the sounds, the physics, the levels, the puzzles and the plot work for the gamer's pleasure. Half-Life 2 can be no doubt called "the game of the decade" and a person who counts himself a gamer should definitely try it!


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