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Dota 2 Review

4 April 2013 |

DOTA 2: All the Future Exists in the Past

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Is there still anybody who hasn't heard about DOTA? Practically everybody at least once in his or her life heard something. But not all of us played this game. Come on! Thousands of users have already become professionals in it!

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Once you learn about the developers you'll make up your mind - no doubt! Guess what? It was the very Valve Corporation that developed DOTA 2! It's not a joke! All the fans of Portal, Team Fortress and Half Life already know Valve Corporation as an outstanding developer.

Of course, you want to learn more about DOTA 2, don't you? The game can be defined as a battle arena sequel for Warcraft 3. In these 5vs5 battles your aim is to destroy the fortified stronghold of your opponent. It sounds not very difficult till you start. Only killing heroes and creeps and destroying the buildings you'll gradually become closer and closer to the victory. And who is your enemy? You can play against the PC or real players or you can unite with them to play against PC together. Still DOTA 2 is a team game so you'd better try not to fight alone unless you're the craziest person in the world! One man - no man, you know.

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Good boys get their piece of cake! Bad boys here get everything! What you can earn in the game is experience. And gold. When you destroy enemy's towers you get gold. When you kill the opponents you gain even more gold. Actually, any blow you strike brings it. The only difference is the amount of gold. Killing creeps gives less money, killing heroes brings a lot. Experience is also given for it and it is something that helps you gain higher levels.

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You may ask where those without whom the whole game doesn't make sense are. Of course, a role playing game is impossible without heroes. And they are quite numerous in DOTA 2. There are Strength Heroes, Agility Heroes and Intelligence Heroes who are divided into two factions - The Dire and The Radiant. Each group is represented by 16 unique heroes at an average. Choose the one with your appearance or take just the funniest one!

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You can upgrade their skills acquiring certain experience, getting scores for it and increasing the skill level. Items can also become something that will make you happy and your heroes stronger. Ancient Weaponry, Gateway Relics and many other are among them. They can be found near dead heroes. Besides, all these things you can buy for gold and upgrade your heroes. During the game you'll be advised which items to buy first, which will be useful later and so on.

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Experienced gamers can regulate the list of items they need and simplify the process of search.

If we speak about pros and cons of the game something will bother you, other things will surprise. To tell the truth, graphics is a weak point in DOTA 2. It's not very bad but the picture sharpness leaves much to be desired. But if you like talkative characters you'll find the voice work rather funny. It makes you feel the developer's good sense of humor and you sometimes laugh at the dialogues. Sounds are also nice. As for the physics, it only works when being at the top of the hill, for example, you have better chances to attack the opponents.

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The interface in the game isn’t user-friendly but it won't be a problem soon. Money matters are also meaningful and bring bigger problems when you want to buy equipment which is quite expensive. Game-addicts can really spoil their budget buying this or that item day by day.

In general, you'll like the game as it is free to download if you have a fan-friend who can send you the invitation or subscribe to get it for free. Otherwise you can buy it from official sites. Still the fact that the game is not unique and there are many good examples of the kind means that you won’t necessarily prefer this very game to the others.


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