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Diablo 3 Review

21 March 2013 |

Diablo 3: Revival of the Legend

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  • Developer / Publisher:
    Blizzard Entertainment
  • PC: $39.99 [ Download ]

Diablo 3 by Blizzard Entertainment broke a record at the day when it appeared. And it's only natural for the game that has become classics of the genre and given birth to millions of fans all over the world.

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Those newbies who still have no idea of what we're talking about need to know that Diablo by Blizzard Entertainment is extremely popular Action/RPG game where you'll have to protect Sanctuary from Diablo Monsters. The game was released in 1996 and since that time it has become popular among gamers around the world.

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The whole fun actually consists of killing those ugly guys who're rather numerous and never leave you in peace. The plot in Diablo 3 remains the same: the angel brings the news about the Dark Powers invading Sanctuary. So you have no choice - take the weapon and hack and slash will begin.

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By the way, what makes Diablo 3 differ from the previous parts is the opportunity to destroy the surroundings - the walls and the furniture. Eirena the Enchantress, Lyndon the Scoundrel and Kormac the Templar - your followers - will help you on your way as it's impossible to survive alone. So the destruction isn't going to be your business thoroughly but during the process you'll be able to learn and experience the weapon of any class of the hero.

How can you choose the class? In Diablo 3 the class system has been changed. Now there are 5 classes: the Demon Hunter, the Monk, the Wizard, the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor. You can even choose the sex of your character as well. How nice of Blizzard Entertainment to make man and women equal in the game! And if the Barbarian is familiar to the fans of 2 previous parts of the game the rest of the characters were specially designed for Diablo 3. The choice of the character determines the skills he or she is going to use in the battles. All the heroes differ in their skills. Choose Doctor and he will use the power of magic creatures during the fight while the Wizard will win throwing the lightning.

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In Diablo 3 you'll notice several changes. Diablo fans will have to get used to the new system of leveling. First of all, you can't upgrade the basic characteristics such as strength and dexterity separately. Secondly, each hero has one or two unique characteristics which influence the quality of the skills. Wizard, for example, has high speed and is good at magic while strength and dexterity are characteristics typical for all the heroes. So when you pass on to the next level they will be upgraded automatically. You can't choose whether to upgrade them or not. That's why those who prefer more complicated system of leveling will be a bit disappointed. And for the newbies such simplicity will be helpful.

The main difference of Diablo 3 is the necessity of the Internet connection. Even single mode requires it for the access to the random map generator. In fact that it is a battle ring. So if you create an account on Battle.net you'll be able to use the multiplayer to compete with the other gamers.

If you want to see your progress a new system of achievements will be helpful: all of them will be shown on a special flag soon after you achieve something.

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All other parts of the classical game are present: the monsters and skeletons continue to attack you and the developers used all their fantasy to make you enjoy the battle. Killing monsters you get experience scores and get access to other environments. Guess what will you have to do there? Of course, you'll kill more enemies!

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In a few words, Diablo 3 is dedicated for those who like Action games/RPG and want to spend a couple of hours playing not very difficult game.


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