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Battlestar Galactica Review

25 July 2013 |

Battlestar Galactica: Space Conquest not Over Yet

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Based on TV series, Battlestar Galactica became popular among gamers once it was developed by Artplant and released in 2011. In a year or so the game received over 9 million fans all over the world. Could there be any better evidence of the Artplant's success!

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But Battlestar Galactica is still quite a young game which means that people may not try it and even hear of it. The plot of the game is centered on the space battle between people and the Cylons they had created. Nobody then expected that the Cylons would rebel against the human race. And that was only the first struggle. 40 years later the Cylons destroyed the Twelve Colonies. Battlestar Galactica managed to survive after the massive attack and later it joined people in their search for the Thirteenth Colony. Several months passed and the Colonial Fleet together with the battlestars Galactica and Pegasus counterattacked the Cylons and destroyed their main ship. Of course, it wasn't the end. After the series of battles both people and the Cylons are run out of resources and can't go on fighting.

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So your task in Battlestar Galactica will be to take either the side of the Cylons or the Colonial side and help your fleet in its search for the resources in the space. The war isn't stopped so you'll have to do everything at once.

The main game begins after you've passed a tutorial during which the plot of the game is shown. Then you're allowed to enter the Battlespace and join other players. The resources in Battlestar Galactica play a great role and you will seek for 4 kinds of them: Tylium and Cubits will let you buy Ships and Ammunition, Titanium will repair the ships and you'll also need Merits to advance them. All these things can be easily done at the special stations you can find in the game.

The world in Battlestar Galactica consists of 36 systems that you can explore and where you'll fight against the enemies. Each battlestar can jump. Navigation in the game is quite simple so you just use the keys WASD to fly in the system while directing your ship with the right mouse button.

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Those who are tend to press all the keys during the battle will be disappointed a bit: there is practically no navigation while you're fighting. Once the threat is somewhere around, the battlestar aims automatically and shoots. Hand control is only possible when you're rocketing.

Artplant have done its best in everything concerning the ships and the weapon. Both Colonial and Cylon ships are divided into Strike Craft ones, Escorts and Line Ships. As a result people get Rhino, Raptor, Viper Mk II, Glaive, Scythe, Maul, Jotunn, Vanir and Aesir. The Cylons also get 9 ships - each with special characteristics and abilities.

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The game offers you everyday missions where you can try all your crafts, get scores, collect resources and upgrade your battlestars during the breaks. The process is very capturing and complicated and it's not easy to understand how the game works at once.

The graphics is also worth speaking about: perfect 3D effects combined with realistic physics and sounds let you enjoy the process thoroughly. Being plunged into the atmosphere of space battles you'll forget about your real life and become a part of the space conflict.

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In reality, everything is 100 times better than we can tell about it. So why not try and experience everything that Battlestar Galactica offers you! It can no doubt be called the space game of the epoch.


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