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2013-07-25 |

Battlestar Galactica: Space Conquest not Over Yet

Screenshot #1 Battlestar Galactica Review

Based on TV series, Battlestar Galactica became popular among gamers once it was developed by Artplant and released in 2011. In a year or so the game received over 9 million fans all over the world. Could there be any better evidence of the Artplant's success! Read More >>

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2013-07-16 |

Half-Life 2 - Silent Pointy-Head Saves World.

Screenshot #1 Half-Life 2 Review

So many words have already been said about the immortal child of Valve Software that it seems there is practically nothing to add! Still since the first part of the game was released 10 years ago we still meet people who have no idea of what Half-Life actually is. By the way, the game's popular graphical Source Engine receives updates even now and the picture in the game looks all right. Read More >>

2013-07-02 |

Metro: Last Light - New Hope of Atmospheric Games

Screenshot #1 Metro: Last Light  Review

Imagine the world of 2034 destroyed by the latest world war: the wind is blowing and spreading the killing radiation over the Earth, and awful creatures generated by this radiation become new lords of the Earth. Several thousands of people who managed to survive in Moscow metro are trying to get by though they are quite helpless. Read More >>

2013-06-11 |

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos: Write Your Own History

Screenshot #1 Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Review

What is History? Probably, it's a boring lesson at school. But it only means that teachers can't find the right path to the pupils' hearts. It would be more interesting to listen about dragons or at least knights than to learn about kings and their numerous wives and orders. Just imagine… The bell has gone and the teacher is busy telling the pupils about the legendary war between Orcs, Humans and Undead: Read More >>