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Prince of Percia: Warrior Within Review

23 April 2013 |

Prince of Percia: Warrior Within - a Good Story in Good Decorations

Game Info

  • Developer / Publisher:
    Ubisoft / Gameloft
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • PC: $6.99 [ Download ]
  • iPhone: free [ Download ]
  • iPad: $4.99 [ Download ]

What would you say if a game like Prince of Percia: Warrior Within was developed for iPhone? It's hard to imagine how the whole story will look on such a small screen. But guys from Gameloft decided not to bother themselves with silly superstitions and managed to combine wonderful plot with the outstanding graphics - everything at once for your iPhone!

Screenshot #1 Prince of Percia: Warrior Within Review

Of course, navigation in the game isn't ideal - the interface suffers a lot from the numerous buttons that are all around. Luckily, the movements in the game are realistic and the speed is really good. As for the sounds everything is quite all right. The game was developed for iPhone 3 and 3G as well that's why the graphics might be better.

Prince of Percia: Warrior Within tells us a story about the prince who travels to the Island of Time where he wants to put an end to the Sands of Time created by the Empress of Time (you could have learned more about it in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time). The Sands bring big problems and should be destroyed… But the tasks aren't easy and the story is long. Later you meet Kaileena - a betrayer in disguise, Dahaka - a monster who hunts the prince and Shahdee - a woman in black.

Screenshot #5 Prince of Percia: Warrior Within Review

And the task is to realize what comes from the past and what the future has in store. In Prince of Percia: Warrior Within you're constantly playing with the Time but there can be only one winner.

So the journey begins and the prince is ready to fight with the Sands. And are you ready to fight with your iPhone navigation tools? Those who have prepared to relax will be disappointed - the small screen of you gadget can bring you a lot of trouble.

Screenshot #6 Prince of Percia: Warrior Within Review

You will stand motionless for a while trying to turn left and right and realize that you hero can kill himself if your fingers don't manage to press the necessary button in time. But all these difficulties are nothing for the real fans of the game - be stubborn and soon you'll enjoy the process. When all the mistakes have been done you become just an acrobat - jump and run avoiding the obstacles.

Screenshot #7 Prince of Percia: Warrior Within Review

After a hard training you may think that you coped with all the problems the small screen brings you. You can't be so naive! One more trouble is that the levels in Prince of Percia: Warrior Within are all made in 3D style and they are so rich that you don't always know where to go. How to examine the location looking at the screen of the iPhone? Luckily, there are arrows that will direct you but if you're looking for some more difficulties don't use the hints at all!

As for the combat system and the choice of the weapons Gameloft has something to please you. Your character not only knows everything about acrobatic combos but he also fights with the off-hand weapons and kills the enemies from different positions. The prince makes a somersault, pushes off the walls and makes many other tricks that are quite unusual in games for iPhone.

Screenshot #3 Prince of Percia: Warrior Within Review

So what can be said about Prince of Percia: Warrior Within on the whole? If you love casual games don't waste your time on it. The navigation here wasn't developed for those who want to spend half an hour with an easy time-killer. Real fans of the genre - on the contrary - will be happy to let the game absorb them for 2 or 3 hours and learn how to operate with the buttons. And if the process of learning was successful they will enjoy the gameplay thoroughly.


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