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1 November 2012 |

MONOPOLY: Classical Business Strategy for iPhone

Game Info

  • Developer / Publisher:
    Electronic Arts
  • Version: 1.2.9
  • iPhone/iPad: $0.99 [ Download ]
  • Android: $5.04 [ Download ]
  • PC: $9.95 [ Download ]

Monopoly board game has long been popular among gamers of all ages. And it's only natural as the game is rather complicated, with lots of opportunities and solutions. Monopoly makes you feel like a millionaire and the owner of several factories. The game is really unpredictable: you either get unlimited power and win or suffer from the bankruptcy. No wonder that the developers inspired by the idea of the table variant have created computer, console and mobile additions of the game.

Screenshot #1 MONOPOLY Review

MONOPOLY for iPhone developed by the team of Electronic Arts is a full copy of the board game. To make the process authentic the developers even offer you to choose the interior where you're going to play. You'll find yourself in the nice room with a table and the game board on it.

Screenshot #2 MONOPOLY Review

The second step is to customize the Options:

- Number of players: from 2 to 4;
- Player: Human or AI. You can use up to 4 gadgets to play via Bluetooth or WiFi;
- Difficulty Level: from 1 to 3;
- Initial Cash, Houses Limit and so on.

Actually, the options are so numerous that you want to skip them and start playing.

Screenshot #3 MONOPOLY Review

It will be easy for you to play if you have already tried your hand in table variant of MONOPOLY. The rules remain the same. There is a board, Chance and Community Chest cards, 12 great hotels and 32 houses. You roll the dice and use the playfield to purchase the lots, pay the taxes and build the houses. If you lack money you can mortgage your properties. If they are still unimproved you can mortgage them through the bank wherever you wish. The only difference is that you have really strange tokens here. Do you think a small car or a shoe or even a tailor's thimble suits the game?

Screenshot #4 MONOPOLY Review

Let's begin! Shake your phone and roll the dice when it's your turn. Then just wait to let your opponents make their turn.

An old man with grey hair will help you from the very beginning. But you soon get bored with him and your only wish will be to take off all those pieces of advice. But you can nothing to do with it – MONOPOLY is dedicated for calm and thoughtful people who pay much attention to the details.

You have got enough property? Then you can trade! Exchange cards with people who have those of the color you need. Remember that your objective is to collect cards of the same color. Sometimes cards can be auctioned by the Banker and Auctioneer of the game. It's good to own expensive properties as the rent is really high there and you can get considerable sums of money when somebody lands on it.

Screenshot #5 MONOPOLY Review

And now let's examine the options. Good news for you: not only you can switch on/off the music but also choose the ambient sound such as Swing, Lounge, Smooth and All (tracks are repeated). User Music allows you to set the tracks from your playlist. Though the developers are quite creative, the opportunity to change the sound becomes one of those things that make options bother you. Meanwhile the graphics lacks creativity. And the game itself being stuffed with all sorts of details isn't easy to navigate.

The other problem is that your iPhone's screen constantly turns round and it's difficult for you to concentrate on the playfield. You have to be very attentive to play successfully. Actually, time-killers won't appreciate MONOPOLY. It's more likely to impress those who are ready to spend a couple of pleasant hours examining the game. Still, you can always save the game and turn to it later. Anyway, this business game will appeal to real MONOPOLY's fans.


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