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Infinity Blade Review

18 June 2013 |

Infinity Blade - Game Worth Playing

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  • Developer / Publisher:
    Chair Entertainment
  • iPhone/iPad: $6.99 [ Download ]

When you just start playing Infinity Blade developed by Chair Entertainment Group you realize what made it so popular. Graphics here is more than wonderful. All the graphic effects are probably the best you've ever seen and they really give you a thrill.

Screenshot #1 Infinity Blade Review

The game begins with the short movie but even here you can take part in the process. And at the same time you learn how to use controls and to fight. Hints about the way you can shoot and protect yourself appear on the screen during the battle.

Screenshot #9 Infinity Blade Review

After the movie you begin the journey. And even here you can't but admire the graphics. All the details up to the rays of the sun that appear on the heroes' faces are well-developed and even the clouds are so realistic and well-painted that you want to take photos of them.

Screenshot #6 Infinity Blade Review

As a counter to the graphics, the gameplay in Infinity Blade is quite simple. The plot here is straight that means you won't be able to explore the environment and have to follow the definite root looking for the money trunks, health elixirs or the enemies to fight with. To tell the truth, you even won't have to seek for the objects - your way in Infinity Blade is lit up by the blue point. Click on it and you hero will make his way forward.

When in the end you rich the enemy, the battle begins. You see just the back of your hero at this moment but when the angle changes you can contemplate the whole scenery like in a movie.

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Still it's not at all easy to gain victory. You're to learn a lot, acquire certain skills and to use them properly in Infinity Blade. Cover yourself with the shield, dodge and attack the enemy when he doesn't expect it. Here you can experience various kinds of blows.

Don't make fuss while fighting. Watch your enemy as thanks to the speed of the battle you'll have enough time to guess what he's going to do next. Think of your own actions. But you shouldn't procrastinate - the battles are rather dynamic and breathtaking.

After each victory you pass the level successfully, upgrade your weapons and armor and become stronger. You also get scores which you may spend on health points and sword strength. And for those bustlers who can't wait anymore and want to get everything at once there is a special opportunity to buy something in the real shop and for the real money. But probably there is no much need in it.

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And what will happen after the battles? Fighting with the monsters you get to the castle where the main enemy - God King - is already waiting for you. Do you remember about the short movie at the very beginning of Infinity Blade? It's told you who this God King actually is and why on earth you have to fight against him. By the way, don't be astonished when you don't manage to win with the first attempt. You'll be able to start again and to go on upgrading your character so the progress you have earned will be saved. The time will pass, the attempts will follow each other in an "endless" procession but in the end you'll get what you want.

Though the gameplay is quite monotonous, Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment Group may undoubtedly become one of your most favorite games. Just imagine how violent but spectacular battles against monsters relieve stress and help you to relax after a hard working day in a stuffy room or an office.


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