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Doodle Jump Review

18 November 2012 |

Doodle Jump: Climbing Even Higher!

Game Info

  • Developer / Publisher:
    Lima Sky
  • Version: 3.2
  • iPhone/iPad: $0.99 [ Download ]
  • Android: $0.99 [ Download ]

When you are sick and tired of your job and want to switch off your brains or change your activity for several minutes you have a perfect way out. Why not try some casual game? The one should have simple design as well as easy navigation. Well, Doodle Jump - a Lima Sky's hit - is a peculiar example which contains everything that you need.
The main character in Doodle Jump is a four-legged creature called the Doodler. They say it may be an alien. Do you think the same?

Screenshot #1 Doodle Jump Review

The Doodler jumps to the top of the screen pushing off from the platforms and your aim is to guide it using Left and Right keyboard buttons. If you are not attentive enough and the Doodler misses the platform the game is immediately over.
You'll see the certain types of the platforms in the game:
green ones - do not move (ordinary platforms);
brown ones - collapse when the Doodler jumps on them;
blue ones - move right and left;
grey ones - move up and down.
Moreover, there are also guided platforms and the ones that disappear no matter whether the Doodler has jumped on it or not. Before disappearing the platform is getting red and that is the signal for you not to use or to leave it the soonest possible.

Screenshot #2 Doodle Jump Review

Not only you guide the cute creature but also prevent him from meeting his dearest enemies - the monsters. In spite of being awfully funny the monsters can make you lose the game. That's a pity as the Doodle Jump's design is really amazing - it resembles the children's drawings in the checked copybook.

Screenshot #3 Doodle Jump Review

Do not hesitate to shoot your enemies with the help of your “nose” which can turn left, right and up. If you do not want to shoot with the keyboard you can change it to mouse control in the settings.
In addition to the enemies the Doodler comes across the black holes where it can disappear. So, now you are aware of numerous enemies and barriers waiting for you on your way. Remember that at first glance the game seemed even too simple?
However, you get various useful items while playing Doodle Jump - they help our hero overcome all the obstacles and gain additional points. The funniest example is the helicopter cap which carries the Doodler quite high. The only problem is you are not able to shoot while using the device which means the Doodler can easily bump into the monster. Guide your hero carefully to avoid these unpleasant meetings.
One more cool device is the jetpack helping to tower to the very top of the field. Unfortunately, this one cannot be found very often and you content yourself with the springs or trampolines sending the Doodler several platforms higher.
The Doodler can be unreachable for its enemies for several seconds if you find invulnerability shield which protects the hero from all the enemies except the black holes and the UFO.

Screenshot #4 Doodle Jump Review

If you are afraid to get tired after starting the game from the very beginning calm down as the level's structure is never the same. Even though the design is a little bit childish it is drawn professionally and you'll enjoy the game's graphics. Moreover, the simplicity behind the pictures has gifted the gameplay.
That's why Doodle Jump is becoming even more popular and the developers create more variations of the famous game with the new surroundings - jungles, Christmas, space, underwater world and others.
Despite the simple plot and navigation Doodle Jump is a really addictive game and you wish to jump higher and higher to find out the new characters, devices and Doodler's abilities. Doodle Jump is an ideal solution if you want to do something for a change, if you need something simple which does not require brainstorming. However, you'd better come back to reality soon not to become the Doodler-addicted!


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