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Cut the Rope Review

8 December 2012 |

Cut the Rope: Anyone Else Hungry?

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  • Version: 1.0
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Much has changed in mobile applications since the launch of the cult Angry Birds. The developers found a new niche in the industry to satisfy the gamers' lust for applications of this kind. Lots of the companies still dream to create the game which achieves the same success. While they dream ZeptoLab designers deserved much credit for releasing Cut the Rope in 2010 and opening the door to the game world. Cut the Rope is available for a number of platforms and devices and is frequently downloaded in AppStore and Android Market. What is the secret of the game? Let's reflect on the criteria of its success.

Screenshot #1 Cut the Rope Review
Screenshot #2 Cut the Rope Review

Everything looks quite simple at first glance: easy and entertaining puzzle gameplay with numerous challenges launched at the right moment.
When you start Cut the Rope for the first time, a short cartoon tells you the following. As you answer a knock on your door, you see a strange box. “Feed with Candy” is the only instruction written on it, all the rest - is you problem. Having opened it you see a cute set of eyes begging for candies. How can you say “No”! It appears that the creature you have to take care of is a little green monster called Om Nom and you really shouldn't forget to put a candy into its mouth. But first you need to get the candy!

Screenshot #3 Cut the Rope Review

Slide your fingers along the screen to cut ropes, as the title of the game says, and make sure you feed cuddly Om Nom. However, you have some more additional tasks. While feeding Om Nom you shouldn't forget your secondary goal - collecting stars! After accomplishing the level you will see a number of items picked up as well as the points for your playing skills.

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Don't let easy first levels trick you as huge amounts of various objects appear on your way to a candy. Spikes, moving platforms, pumps that try to change the direction of the long-lusted candy are waiting for you in the game. Complicated but not impossible - go ahead and deliver the candy.

Be sure that Cut the Rope is an intellectual challenge first of all. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to rack your brains and think how to cut ropes in the best way - it's really important. New puzzles were already introduced in a new game pack. Such varieties absorb gamers' attention and grow affection for Om Nom. The developers created a product for all ages, fresh though simple, funny yet not silly. ZeptoLab really contributed much to keep the gameplay of Cut the Rope thrilling and entertaining. Every new level and box offer you some change and you never feel it's monotonous. The game contains 10 themed boxes, with 15 levels inside each.

Screenshot #5 Cut the Rope Review

Moreover, 2011 was a new breakthrough year for the game - Cut the Rope: Experiments saw the world. The second edition has the same concept as the previous one, which means it's fabulous again. It has the same simple rules and controls with new levels and features.
Frankly speaking, Cut the Rope is absolutely enjoyable for every age and taste. It has adorable graphics, puzzle-physics concept and smart levels evolution, say nothing of cute sounds and cuddly protagonist. The monster-pet occasionally rings the bell, tries a New Year hat on, opens the mouth and shows where a candy must be. Whether you're in a supermarket line, a long train ride, eating your lunch, or have nothing to do on Saturday, Cut the Rope will easily satisfy your lust for some fun stuff and be at your elbow. The game stands in one row with most successful games in AppStore. Let's hope it's not the last of this kind and quality from Russian game-developers.


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