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Angry Birds Review

17 December 2012 |

Angry Birds: You Must Try Them!

Game Info

  • Developer / Publisher:
    Rovio Mobile
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • iPhone/iPad: $0.99 [ Download ]
  • Android: free [ Download ]
  • PC: $4.95 [ Download ]

Casual shooting games will be always popular - that's the common truth. That's why the Angry Birds game designed by Rovio has become so popular due to its genre. However, the genre itself is not enough to create a product which is going to make thousands users crazy. You have to work hard to create a true masterpiece. And Rovio has designed a high-quality game to entertain lots of fans. Due to the rich colors and charisma, the heroes have started their own life - Angry Birds' faces can be traced in the pictures, on the souvenirs and even in the shapes of the burgers!

Screenshot #1 Angry Birds Review

For those who are not aware of the plot we'll explain the crucial moments. In Angry Birds you play for the birds whose eggs were stolen by the impudent pigs. You can also enjoy the funny cartoon about this "deal of the century" which is available right from the game's menu! Just tap on the nice icon in the pop-up menu at the very beginning of the game. As soon as you can't stop being angry with the pigs start defeating them in the game.

Screenshot #2 Angry Birds Review

In fact, the pigs have chicken-livers and hide from the enemies in the constructions made of wood, glass and stone. But can these buildings protect the cruel creatures from the Angry Birds? Just calculate the trajectory of the bird shot from the slings carefully.

At the very beginning only red birds are available but while progressing in the game you meet new brave heroes:
- blue birds which are divided into 3 small birdies;
- yellow ones, which can change their trajectory and fly even faster if you click on them;
- black birds which blow up when they achieve the pigs' constriction (great damage guaranteed!);
- white ones which drop the bomb-eggs.

There are much more feathered creatures in this game - each with its own name to differentiate. For instance, yellow birds are called Chuck. May be after Chuck Norris?

Screenshot #3 Angry Birds Review

While playing Angry Birds you enjoy cheerful music, battle cries of the birds and oinking of pigs.

The game is stuffed with levels which can be unlocked one by one. If you prefer the free variant the number of levels is predictably less. Moreover, while playing the free version you’ll be constantly interrupted by the tiresome ads. You are to decide whether your entertainment is worth a dollar.

The level is complete when all the pigs are defeated otherwise you should try it again and again. Moreover, your precise shots are evaluated according to the 3 grade scale where you can receive up to 3 starts. This scale influences the final score and if you are not satisfied with it (when you get 1 or 2 stars) you can restart the level. The world’s rating is available in the Game Centre - try it to be shocked by the first people in the rating (are they really human beings?).

Tip: first, you see the pigs’ position and then the birds' place. Zoom out your screen to observe the whole game field and track the flying path. Luckily, the developers show us the trajectory of the previous shot so you can use it to your benefit and control the angle of the next bird.

Screenshot #4 Angry Birds Review

All in all, Angry Birds is bright and funny time-killer. If the game leaves you indifferent you might be a cold-tempered person. However, after half an hour spent on the game you can form your own opinion - whether you are not able to stop it or you are sick and tired of the simple gameplay. In any case if you haven’t tried the game yet it’s high time to download it and play one of the most popular games in the world.


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