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Amazing Alex Review

10 September 2013 |

Amazing Alex: Build Incredible Constructions with Alex

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  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Android: free [ Download ]
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What do boys usually do during their summer holidays? Rovio offers us its own unusual answer to this question. It tells us about Alex - the naughty guy who knows how to entertain himself even when his friends are far away and can't play with him. So meet new game Amazing Alex that has a lot in store for you.

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One day Alex was sitting at home and suddenly he decided to play baseball. Probably, it would be a problem for you to play baseball alone, but it wasn't the case with Alex. Being quite an intelligent child, he immediately created a chain of books and other objects so that it could make a "heat". Well, maybe everything would have been all right but Alex had broken the window. After this experience the little inventor decided not to experiment with baseball but with other objects in his room!

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So what can you do in Amazing Alex? The whole sense of this game is in building various constructions which will help you put definite objects to the definite place on the screen. For example: you should make the ball fall into the basket. How can you do it? You use boards, books, strings, some other balls and everything you can find in the room. When you managed to put all the objects on the right places you press the button in the upper right corner of the screen and the ball reaches its aim.

Screenshot #5 Amazing Alex Review

At the very beginning of the game there is a small video where the computer does everything for you - just to show the way the game works. And the navigation is simple, so you're not going to have problems with it. Move objects with the Alex's hand and press the button to test the construction.

The first few levels in Amazing Alex are quite simple and you're shown where to put the objects to make the chain work without mistakes. But later you'll have no hints and will have to guess, how to place the details of your mechanisms. Sometimes you need to twist them or move them if the first attempts weren't successful. Here you'll find tasks, where you have to pick the balloons with the scissors and soon the number of them will increase. Or you'll have to save the balloons from the scissors making your chains. Anyway, there is always an arrow that shows where the main object should go.

Screenshot #4 Amazing Alex Review

Though the game may take you hours to find the solution, it's always interesting to experiment with different objects and try to do everything as fast as you can. You'll get unforgettable emotions when the task is done and the mechanism works!

There are also bonuses on each level in Amazing Alex: yellow stars to collect. To tell the truth, it's not so important to get them all, but if you manage to do it, you can be proud of yourself and show your results. To collect stars you'll have to make the main object in the level touch them all.

There is nothing special about the graphics, it's done in 2D style but it doesn't spoil the process. The developers from Rovio have created 100 wonderful levels and you can see everything clear on each of them. That's why you don't need special effects and outstanding graphics to enjoy the process!

Screenshot #3 Amazing Alex Review

Amazing Alex is a perfect entertainment for everybody from small children to adults who used to build such constructions of pencils and books in their childhood. The game is complicated enough to make you rack your brains and use your logic constructing mechanisms that will help you complete the tasks. So if you want to play some funny puzzle and have time to spare then Amazing Alex will easily become your favorite game for a week or so.


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