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World of Goo Review

2 April 2013 |

World of Goo: Welcome to the Strange Universe

Game Info

  • Developer / Publisher:
    2D BOY
  • Version: 1.0.6
  • Android: $4.99 [ Download ]
  • PC: $20 [ Download ]
  • iPhone/iPad: $2.99 [ Download ]

A game like World of Goo by 2D BOY is not a ready commodity. In addition to whimsy characters and unusual gameplay, it is highly captivating and overfilled with fascinating atmosphere.

Screenshot #1 World of Goo Review

In fact, "goo" can be interpreted as "viscous". Yes, the name may sound not very nice, but it comes as a pleasant surprise that petrol drops, the main characters, look very funny and cute.

Screenshot #5 World of Goo Review

You need these small balls to form structures. Such formations must finally reach some sort of vacuum cleaner, through which our tiny heroes will go right to the next level. You're going to admire a new task during every level: you may either have to build a bridge or try to make a structure inside a spinning wheel (which is not that easy). At some locations you even have to "wake up" the sleeping drops, extending the construction towards them. Once your new friends are awake, they will also gladly take part in the building process.

Screenshot #6 World of Goo Review

Your task gets more and more difficult as levels follow one another. At the beginning you erect rather small towers and not so long bridges, but soon you'll have to get through really tough puzzles. For example, try building a ten-meter-high structure, which is not going to fall and fail to reach the goal!

Petrol balls stick tight to one another, but they look as if they were "rubber". The consistency may seem strange to you. It's both solid and rather flexible, so you'll need to use your logic to its limits trying to guess which direction the tower may fall. Thus, you put out all your efforts fortifying the foundation of your construction.

Screenshot #2 World of Goo Review

However, don't feel down when you see that your mission gets really difficult, 'cause there is always something worse to happen. In the nearest time you'll come across all kinds of obstacles. For example, spikes and wheels, which are dangerous for small droplets.

Screenshot #11 World of Goo Review

During some levels you'll need to build really huge constructions. But here you'll also get help. Little white time-bugs will take you several moves back, if you realized that something had gone wrong. You are given a limited number of drops for each level. So if you miscalculate and use too much "building material" at the very beginning of the level, you may not reach the pipe, through which you will continue the adventure. But don't worry: your tasks will become a little easier, as you come across green characters during some levels. They are much more helpful and can be moved from one place to another.

The developers of 2D BOY racked their brains making up the levels, and it was a success. It may seem that such gameplay would cause a situation that, due to the likeness of levels, the game may start to bore you in no time. But every new level in World of Goo is a surprise box, which anyone will open with great interest.

Screenshot #8 World of Goo Review

The game's graphics is unique and very joyful. The colors are pastel, slightly dim, but the palette is saturated and doesn't look too easy. Main characters are drawn in a very funny way. The sound design, by the way, adds a peculiar trait. The drops exchange remarks and shout "Yoo-hoo!" with approval, as you build the next element of the construction. Music slightly changes throughout the game and also gives special atmosphere to every level.

The controls for World of Goo are quite simple, pleasant to deal with, and it's one of the reasons why playing this game is so nice and easy.

What's the main audience for the game? In fact, it's rather hard to say. Speaking of the age range, it's ideal for everyone. But it may not cause everyone's delight. It has its own remarkable atmosphere, which can either attract a person or seem nothing of note. But once you're hooked, it will surely absorb you for a long time. If you wish to understand to which group of people you belong, you should first try to play demo version, which represents several first levels. You can submerge into the atmosphere of World of Goo and see if it's your cup of tea.


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