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Where's My Water Review

25 June 2013 |

Where's My Water?: Funny And Complicated Puzzle

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If you ask me how good the Where's My Water? game by Disney is I will say it's probably one of my most favorite games. Here we get everything at once: capturing gameplay with well-organized puzzles on each level, bright high-quality graphics and funny emotional heroes.

Screenshot #1 Where's My Water Review

The main hero, Swampy the alligator, is fond of taking shower. And now he is in trouble - the water doesn't run through the sewer system where he lives as his naughty and mean congeners broke the pipes! Help Swampy and let the water come to his bathroom. But you should remember it won't be so easy: you'll have to dig the tunnels and avoid obstacles on your way.

Screenshot #2 Where's My Water Review

To dig the tunnels in Where's My Water? you'll use your fingers: simply touch the screen, make a route through the dirt and the water will run to the Swampy's bath. Besides, you'll also collect yellow rubber ducks which are all around. The ducks getting wet become a part of your collection.

The things are getting worse when the third level begins. First of all, there will be awful ooze which gets bigger in the pipes when water touches it. Avoid ooze and you won't have any trouble! Or you may do the following to protect the pipes: use dirty water that can "kill" the ooze. Still you can't let such water come to Swampy. And it also kills the ducks! A good but dangerous thing, you know!

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Want more difficulties? No problems! Soon you meet blocks. They can be destroyed with the stream of water. And when the water in the end comes to Swampy he takes a shower happily. But if there is not enough water the alligator will be in trouble and show you all his emotions! That's the time for him to ask: Where's My Water?

As I have already mentioned, you'll have to collect yellow rubber ducks in the game Where's My Water? But it isn't obligatory here! Still the more bonuses you have the more scores you finally get. If the level is passed but you haven't got ducks or the number of them isn't big, you may turn to it later and get better results. The dirt also hides various objects for you to find: the sponge, the toothbrush and many others. Just add them to your collection.

To get extra scores you can bring Swampy more water than he really needs. But such bonuses are easy to get only on the first levels. The more levels in the game Where's My Water? you pass the more water Swampy needs. Be attentive here! Sometimes you'll have to deal with minimum of water. On the whole, the levels become more difficult very often. You won't pass even a half of the game when you find out that some problems can't be solved at once! And unfortunately, there are no hints in the game.

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At the beginning of my review I mentioned that the graphics is wonderful. The sounds will also please you: the music doesn't irritate, and the noises that Swampy the alligator makes are rather funny.

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Who will be happy to play Where's My Water? This game is for all those people who like to spend time playing complicated time-killers with puzzles. And you shouldn't be left in doubt by Disney cartoonish style! The game isn't dedicated for children only - it will be a difficult challenge for adults and experienced players also!


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