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Sprinkle Islands Review

3 September 2013 |

Sprinkle Islands: Extinguish All Fires on Islands

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Practically all of us love water. We like the way it runs, we watch it in the rivers and lakes and listen to the pleasant sounds of water. This time there is one more thing you can do with water - put out fires! The developers from Mediocre give you an opportunity to feel as if you are a real fireman in Sprinkle Islands. This game is rather young but millions of users all over the world have already made it their favorite one among mobile games and it's not surprising at all!

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The plot of the game is quite strange: the space refuse towing vehicle loses its cargo after the collision with a satellite. So when the refuse scatters to the winds it grounds on the Saturn satellite, starts burning and sets fires everywhere.

In Sprinkle Islands you're given a truck with water in it. You travel around each of four islands on it and do you job trying to save the poor inhabitants. When the truck is near the fire you press the right button in the lower right corner of the screen and the water is running. Once the fire is put out you can go on and look for the other tasks. Clear the whole area, get more water and go on to the next level.

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Probably, everything sounds simple and at the very beginning of the game you may feel that the game is dedicated for children only. But in reality, the difficulty is not in extinguishing fire but in making the water reach it. The levels become more and more complicated and you'll have to do a lot to complete the task: you'll move around and square rocks and boxes, lower the bridges and operate with many other objects. Sometimes simple physical laws can be useful.

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Remember that the water level is limited which means that if you're run out of it the level should be replayed from the very beginning. And if you're quite rational then you get bonuses at the end of the level. Anyway, you won't be able to proceed till the task is solved. That's why you can again and again try different variants and look for the best idea in Sprinkle Islands.

And fighting with fire isn't the only task on the islands. When your work on each of them is over you'll face new problem - the water boss will wait for you to have a battle. But before it you'll have to pass 48 entertaining levels with unique puzzles.

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The navigation in Sprinkle Islands is so simple that even small children will easily cope with it. Regulate the water tower height sliding your finger up and down and make water run with the only button on the screen. Probably, it will be the only simple thing in the game and the other missions will take you more time.

The atmosphere in Sprinkle Islands is funny and relaxing. The graphics is bright and the game physics makes you feel that water runs right in your hands. And indeed, water is everywhere - in the oceans, swimming-pools, lakes. Mediocre has done its best to fill the game with humor (and with water, of course) and let you enjoy the process thoroughly.

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Who will appreciate this wonderful game? If you like games with perfect physics and look for the puzzles where the solution can't be found immediately then Sprinkle Islands is the perfect choice for you. Here you'll think a lot and somebody expects an easy entertainment that can make queuing not so boring he'd better look for some other game. Sure some intelligent children can play Sprinkle Islands but sometimes this wonderful puzzle makes the whole family gather together and find the answer!


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