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Minecraft Review

14 May 2013 |

Minecraft - Pocket Edition: A Sandbox in Your Mobile Gadget

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Minecraft - Pocket Edition was developed by Mojang and released in October, 7, 2011 when its PC counterpart had already been popular with thousands of gamers. Attracted by the opportunity to build whatever you want in a sandbox-like reality many of them called the game one of the most favorite time-killers.

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But to realize how good the game is you should get used to its graphics. It is rather poor and can be compared with Lego world. Still once you start playing you don’t notice it anymore and even begin to feel the whole charm of such environment. Moreover, the fact that Mojang didn’t stuff Minecraft - Pocket Edition with true to life objects doesn’t mean that the game lacks diversity of opportunities. On the contrary - there is everything you can imagine from animals to useful gadgets.

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It’s difficult to explain the aim of the game - you just build virtual realities with houses and any other construction you want and experiment with hunting the animals and fighting against monsters. The process of building can be compared with that of playing LEGO: you take the blocks (luckily, the choice is great), put them together using some tools and create anything you like. There are no scores and bonuses. It seems as if the game was created just for goofing off.

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Once you find yourself in your personal world you see picturesque mountains, rivers and lakes. Here you can build your reality the size of which thoroughly depends upon your fantasy. Each mode means definite objections in Minecraft - Pocket Edition. There are 2 of them: Creative and Survival.

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Creative Mode is just a space for your imagination. You can’t die here which means that there are no mistakes and whatever you may do you do for pleasure. The developers decided to give you full freedom so the number of blocks is unlimited and you can destroy everything you don’t need with one strike.

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Survival Mode is more popular among gamers. It allows you to embody projects but it isn’t the main objection. As you can see it from the name of the mode you’ll have to survive. Here you’ll find Health Bar and Hanger Bar which means you need food and shelter to build as constant monsters’ attacks as well as simple fall or starvation can kill you. Luckily, most of the materials are unlimited. The exception is dirt, sand and tree trunks. But if you’re not yet ready to die during your first night in Minecraft - Pocket Edition you’ll use all sorts of blocks to build at least a small lopsided house. Even if you have no idea of what to do with the axe and other tools in real life here you’ll learn it immediately.

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So why is there so much fuss about building a house? At night you’ll be grateful to yourself - zombies are always ready to kill you but you can say farewell to them if you’re inside your shelter. But if you have no better idea than going for a walk at night then get ready to fight! Various weapons you’ll find in Minecraft - Pocket Edition help you kill hostile mobs.

Still you shouldn’t be a permanent victim in the game. There are also cute non-hostile animals such as chickens, cows and sheep. But guess what does a hungry man do with them? Learn that animals are also used for getting crafting materials. The craziest and the funniest thing about it is that you can paint the sheep! Why not make your materials yellow!

On the whole, this mobile edition is not so bad. You want to build and you can do it! You fight, hunt, create your world and experiment with all kinds of tools and constructions. The physics in the game is excellent which means some details even tend to be ruined when being moved. It is not serious business so people of all ages can make any kind of nonsense here. You just act and see what comes from it!


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