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Ice Age Village Review

6 August 2013 |

Ice Age Village - Build Village Together with Favorite Ice Age Cartoon Characters

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  • Version: 1.1.2
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Playing Ice Age Village you'll admire the atmosphere of the game that is just the same as in our favorite cartoon. Even the Ice Age directors, who have already done several parts of the animation popular with children and their parents, admit this fact.

Screenshot #1 Ice Age Village Review

The Gameloft developers managed to reproduce the Ice Age world with its characters and ambience so harmoniously that the game became a very good continuation of the story. And now you, the lover of this funny cartoon, day by day can enjoy the time spent with your favorite characters playing the game and building Ice Age Village.

Ice Age Village begins with the same opening movie from the cartoon. The world-famous squirrel Scrat is trying to hide the acorn and breaks the ice that makes the continents separate and deprives the animals of their houses. Now they have to start their long way and look for a new home.

Screenshot #2 Ice Age Village Review

And suddenly two characters appear. We meet Manny, the phlegmatic mammoth, and Sid, the very active sloth. Sid is eager to help the animals in their search, while Manny doesn't seem very initiative at first. But then he sees that Sid's ideas are quite reasonable and agrees to help. And that's the time when the construction of the new village begins. And you can even choose its name to your liking.

So in the beginning you build a house for the sloth, then you find a girlfriend for him and when the baby appears you have to do the same things and find a house and a family for the bird and the other animals. And before you can say Jack Robinson your village will be stuffed with houses and it will be the time to think about some entertainment for the inhabitants.

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Probably, it'll be a cinema, some fairground attractions or even a mud-bath! Your possibilities are really infinite. The only thing you may lack during the process is money. And acorns. However, you constantly get money from the inhabitants that pay you for your kindness. Sill the acorns come to your collection rarely. There are several ways to get them. You can simply still it from the squirrel when it appears on the screen during the game otherwise you'll watch an advertising clip. And if you're not fond of stealing and consider yourself a millionaire, you can buy the acorns for real money.

Ice Age Village is full of small but interesting surprises. For example, in one of the mini-games you will get an opportunity to kill the piranha. Slide on the screen with your finger and the fish that attacks Scrat will be killed.

And once you build a cinema you'll be able to watch several "movies": a preview to the Ice Age Cartoon and a short movie about the Ice Age Village creation.

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The Gameloft developers paid much attention to the graphics and the sounds in Ice Age Village. The characters and the scenery are also well-painted. And the music in the game is very positive; it doesn't irritate you or stress you out. On the contrary – it creates kind and peaceful atmosphere while you're playing.

Both children and adults will enjoy Ice Age Village. It's simple and plain in navigation; the gameplay is dynamic and exciting. What's more, children get just obsessed by the characters from the popular cartoon so any child will be happy to meet them again in the game.

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And adults will appreciate hearty and amiable atmosphere. And as it's not easy to relax, Ice Age Village will become a good way to do it. With no shooting and fighting the game will be a perfect entertainment for the whole family. Play it before you go to bed and shake off all your daily problems. So it can be recommended to everybody who likes playing funny games for free.


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