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Grand Theft Auto III Review

7 December 2012 |

Grand Theft Auto III: Android Edition – Timeless Classics

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  • Developer / Publisher:
    Rockstar Games
  • Version: 1.3
  • Android: $0.99 [ Download ]

It was 2002 when Rockstar Games released GTA III: PC version. Since that time gamers and developers all over the world have tried a lot of games in the genre. For instance, some of us have completed both Vice City and San Andreas. Moreover, many other additions with outstanding graphics are available now. Still, there are such experienced gamers who remember the real image of GTA that has become the "father" of all the other games of the genre - Grand Theft Auto III.

Screenshot #1 Grand Theft Auto III Review

It was the time when GTA III was the pioneer both in technologies and the gameplay. The game turned out to be a huge tridimensional world of opportunities: you could do everything you wanted to. Even now people keep on playing this version of the game getting absorbed with the plot again and again.

But though the version was cool the time has passed and new generations have added a lot to the development of technology. All the game consoles and PCs have been recently replaced by smartphones and tablets. The changes made it possible for the pioneers among the gamers to make their dream come true. Now they are able to return to the incredible world of Grand Theft Auto III, but this time they will use Android.

Is it really worth talking about the plot and the gameplay of such a sensational and well-known project of the past? Still, if you somehow have no idea of what GTA is we’ll tell you about the special features of its mobile version.

The action takes place in Liberty City shortly before our time. It’s a typical modern town where you can do whatever you wish. The main character, for example, being both a criminal and the victim of confederacy, is looking for the ways to survive. To stay alive he has to work for mafia and other criminals.

Screenshot #2 Grand Theft Auto III Review

The main storyline of Grand Theft Auto III consists of dozens of tasks, which you get from various criminal groups. Such a plot presupposes definite age restrictions – no wonder that teenagers’ parents won’t be pleases with the fact their child spends his or her free time shaking the money tree, providing the police parties with prostitutes and kill unwanted at the streets. These actions are illegal but attract your attention: you have a possibility to break the laws, at least in a game.

It’s impossible to imagine Grand Theft Auto III without its inseparable part - cars. You spend the greater part of the game driving. Like all criminals here you are unfamiliar with the rules of morality: that’s obvious that you have no money to purchase a car, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have one! Completing not only your main tasks but many of special missions you’ll open the world of opportunities: get a yellow cab and you can act as a picker-upper and earn money. And it is not the only secret task you’ll get in the game. Be attentive to find more extra-opportunities.

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The other thing which becomes the integral element of the game is a variety of weapon. Grand Theft Auto III provides you with several types of it from a baseball bat to shotguns, flamethrowers and even rocket-launchers. So, you should be prepared for constant shooting both while working or driving. Soon you’ll really like it, no doubt. Just try and you won’t be able to stop. By the way, shooting is the very thing that makes mobile version of the game differ from its predecessors. In Android edition there has been developed an auto-aim system for touch screens. You press auto-aim button on the screen and target at the closest object. This shooting system is more convenient for small screens that’s why it’s easy to get used to it.

Screenshot #4 Grand Theft Auto III Review

Here is the general outlook of the mobile GTA version. Now you see that the developers managed to instil it with the same content and spirit that its "father" had. The game is really worth playing and even paying money for it’s a real masterpiece among timeless classical games!


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