Flow Free Review

7 February 2013 |

Flow Free - a Meditative Brainteaser

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  • Developer / Publisher:
    Big Duck Games LLC
  • Version: 1.4
  • Android: free [ Download ]
  • iPhone/iPad: free [ Download ]

Flow Free from Big Duck Games is an easy but really magnetic logical game where from level to level the colorful brainteasers grow more complex that is challenging enough to develop your thinking skills!

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The main principle of Flow Free is the following: a special squared game field's given, in some squares there're differently colored dots that have matchable pairs, and you're to join the dots of the same color the best way.

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But! Be aware that the lines you draw mustn't intercross and in the game field there mustn't be any empty squares left - that means you should not always join the same-colored dots the shortest way. Sometimes, to pass the level you have to greatly extend the joining line. There're two modes in the game: Free Play and Time Trial.

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Free Play

In this mode there's an unbelievable number of levels that are somehow divided into different packs - the principle they were put together is known maybe only to the inventive developers in Big Duck Games. The users may just start with the first pack, in which the easiest game fields, the size of 5х5 squares, come first and the given dots are big. It's very easy to play, but don't let your guard down, 'cause the more the field's size is and the more dots of different colors appear the more difficult it is to pass the level.

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Flow is free but, of course, there're paid packs in it; however, by the time you pass all free packs you may get bored of the game and you'll do without the purchases. However, obviously, it's always interesting what the developer keeps behind the beautiful titles of the prepared packs (for example, Purple Pack). By the way, if you decide to buy only one paid pack you'll at the same time fully get rid of the needless adverts in the application - they don't impede very much, but, you must admit, a game's much more pleasant when there's nothing odd on the screen.

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Time Trial

This mode is for those who want more dynamics in the brainteasers: at the beginning of the game you set an acceptable time limit (from 30 seconds up to 4 minutes), and try to pass the most number of levels during this time. In this mode you'll need the skill of fast thinking - and the game won't seem too peaceful.

Screenshot #7 Flow Free Review

The incorrect lines can be just deleted, or else they'll rub off themselves when you try to join the dot with another one. The control is very handy: you don't need to do too many movements to rub the line, and this is a strong point of the game - you're able to draw the lines practically without taking your finger off the screen. After you've opened Flow Free, it's difficult to stop, besides, at the very start of the game you're given two prompts that can be used any time when it gets too hard and you understand that you can't pass the level anyway - further you can purchase more useful prompts.

Flow Free is a meditative game: while touchscreening, making another network of lines, you can't help but abstract and start meditating - even the sound of the game makes you relax and muse: there's no music at all, and practically every movement is accompanied with a water sound, however, after a while these water splats may seem a bit irritating.

When can you play the game? When you want to take your mind off things for a while, when you just need to sit and think for a few minutes abstracting from everything, and, of course, when you have some spare time in a queue or in a traffic jam.


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