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Dungeon Hunter 4 Review

27 August 2013 |

Dungeon Hunter 4: Every Whim for Your Money

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Well, they did it! Gameloft has announced the mobile game Dungeon Hunter 4. As you see the number in the title, this game continues the series about the brave hunter. If you suppose that the 4th game of the series hasn't conducted a revolution, you are absolutely right. Let's have a look at it, though.

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You probably already know the abbreviation RPG. Actually the game Dungeon Hunter 4 isn't much different from its analogues. If you've played Diablo 3, you'll have déjà vu every now and then - the gameplay and the levels' structure are the same.

Let's get a look at the plot. The kingdom Valenthia is conquered by the unknown powers of evil. Most of peasants, soldiers and wizards have been enslaved - their mind is seized by the enemy. Now all of them are against you. With a sword or a bow in your arms, you're making your way to the next location, bravely sabring the monsters, cheerily picking up the gold that's tipping out of them. There are a lot of enemies, and the whole game is mayhem, actually. You'll need to upgrade your character's skills, buy armor, improve your weapon and so on.

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Now it's time to talk about the characters. There are 4 types of them - each has his own skills. Choose anyone you like:

Battleworn: is defended with a thick armor and has a huge sword. His power is attack.

Blademaster: is a master of secret skills and knows the occult science which helps him to be less woundable in the battle.

Warmage: can teleport the soldiers from the battle area and, of course, knows a lot of various spells.

Sentinel: is a tricky and quick bowman, the army's spy.

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After you've chosen your character (and fair ladies can choose a female one), you will go into the game reality with its quite realistic tinkling and pools of blood.

One of the game's strong points is its excellent graphic. All the monsters are perfectly drawn, and between the battles you'll be entertained with visually pleasing cuts. Of course, all this beauty's affected the game's weight - it is 900 MB! But if you have unlimited internet, you can wait a bit while it's downloading.

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Now it's time to tell about a fly in the ointment. It's up to you to decide how big the fly is. The game Dungeon Hunter 4 is free, but its free-of charge basis reminds of an admission-free night club with expensive drinks. You'll easily go through the first several levels, but then the battles grow harder and harder - you're attacked by innumerable enemy hordes so standard weapon and armor don't help anymore. It's the right time to upgrade the character's skills. This will definitely make you dip into your pocket.

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There are two currency types in the game: coins and crystals. The former one you can get in the battles, but the other is more difficult to come up with for free. Most probably you'll have to buy the magic crystals that your character so much needs for real (not ingame) hard-earned money. For example, 200 crystals cost 2 dollars, 1150 crystals - 9,9 dollars. However, it is possible to buy even 15100 crystals for 99 dollars.

By the way, you'll be able to judge if the game is worth financial investments. You can download the game for free. Set up Dungeon Hunter 4 on a phone or a tablet and fight with evil spirits!


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