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Bad Piggies Review

23 July 2013 |

Bad Piggies - Rovio's New Dawn for Birds' Story

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You can hardly find a person who has never heard of Angry Birds game by Rovio. Practically everybody from small kids to their parents loves these funny small creatures. These "most famous birds" go on entertaining us and become more and more popular being constantly upgraded. And one fine day the guys from Rovio decided to put everything upside down and created a new masterpiece - Bad Piggies, where the bitter enemies of Angry Birds from all the previous parts become the main characters.

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Even though the game wasn't such successful as Angry Birds it's really worth playing as Bad Piggies has got everything that a good game should have. First of all, it's a capturing gameplay. No, of course we can't say it's dynamic, but does it really matter when you're going to play a wonderful and interesting puzzle! The second thing is the graphics. It's just great as well as the characters and the funny opening movies. And the last but not the least thing is the voicework that is really cool.

If you have played Angry Birds you know how bad the pigs are. But this time Rovio puts everything upside down and offers us another storyline. In Bad Piggies you're going to sympathize the pigs and help them as they're so poor and hungry that they simply need the birds' eggs to survive. So they have to hunt for them. And what would you do if you were a hungry little pig? Everybody likes a tasty sunny-side-up in the morning!

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So the army of pigs headed by their captain and guided by the map is planning to go for the birds' nest. But the pigs are never considered the most careful animals so the map has been torn in shreds and lost. And now the task is to match the pieces of the pigs' plan.

Look for the pieces of the map even in the places where you don't expect to find them. Once you see the piece the pigs are to take it. So they will construct various structures to do it. First levels offer you simple constructions like a two-wheel board or so. But gradually everything gets more difficult and you'll feel as if you are an engineer or a crazy inventor who wants to reach the aim. Learn how to use the air pump to direct the mechanism, take the stickum to climb up, work with the engines and many other interesting gadgets.

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Managed to spend little time on constructing mechanisms or collected a lot of bonuses on your way to the map? You'll get stars for your success. Three stars is the maximum per level. If you failed the task it's not a big problem - any level can be replayed several times. Collecting stars you discover new interesting bonus levels and get scores that you can use in the в Game Center.

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But if the level is too hard for you to pass it and if you feel lost and it seems to be next to impossible to construct a useful mechanism you can use the hint - click the "light bulb" in the upper left corner of the screen. And if even now you can't make everything work properly or you want to make the ideal machine ask the mechanic for help in case you're ready to pay real money for it.

For those who don't want to collect the pieces of the map Bad Piggies offers three other ways to entertain. As a result, we get 4 different storylines. The pieces of the map, the second one is to get the cake pieces, the third variant is to hunt for the eggs from the air and in the end the pigs can also steal the eggs and take them away on their cars.

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The special feature in Bad Piggies is the opportunity to "record" your playthrough and then watch the most wonderful moments of the game (even the case when your mechanism was broken can be a funny moment to watch and laugh at with friends).

So who can play this game? Absolutely everybody who loves the Rovio games and never minds solving complicated puzzles. By the way, in the revised version of Angry Birds you'll also meet the heroes from Bad Piggies and their cars. In the new mode the birds are going to protect their nests from the pigs' army that is always ready to attack!


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