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2013-08-20 |

Pudding Monsters: Welcome to Fridge

Screenshot #1 Pudding Monsters Review

What do we, ordinary people, know about puddings! At its best, we can call them "some sweet things" or remember "Alice in Wonderland" and her funny acquaintance with this tasty dessert. Pudding Monsters will tell you such facts about pudding you've never thought about before. Puddings which live in the fridge are the main heroes here. They are very cute and look alike: they can roll their eyes, smile, snuffle and what not except moving on their own. So your task is to move them closer to each other so that they could make a big dessert together. Read More >>

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2013-08-13 |

Paradise Island - Become the Owner of This Nice Place

Screenshot #1 Paradise Island Review

Have you ever dreamt of your own island in the Pacific Ocean? Just imagine that the place as pretty as a picture: the white sand, the palm trees, the hammock, the small bungalow and the yacht near the picturesque pier… Read More >>

2013-08-06 |

Ice Age Village - Build Village Together with Favorite Ice Age Cartoon Characters

Screenshot #1 Ice Age Village Review

Playing Ice Age Village you'll admire the atmosphere of the game that is just the same as in our favorite cartoon. Even the Ice Age directors, who have already done several parts of the animation popular with children and their parents, admit this fact. Read More >>

2013-07-30 |

Bridge Constructor - Exciting Engineering Puzzle

Screenshot #1 Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor by Headup Games will hardly impress you from the first sight. With no bright graphics and not very easy navigation the game doesn't look very attractive. Moreover, the instructions can't be called quite clear so it will take you some time to learn how everything works. And it's not even surprising that some gamers even put Bridge Constructor aside and turn to some other game. But Bridge Constructor is really worth trying: this capturing puzzle can easily entertain you and just absorb for 2 or 3 hours. Read More >>