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My Kitchen Adventures
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My Kitchen Adventures

Manage your restaurant and become a world-famous chef in the My Kitchen Adventures game! Try your luck and get the job of your dream! You were interviewed for the position of assistant chef and have just been hired. First, your boss will guide you through the recipes and tell you where to find the ingredients. Then, when you have finally made the kitchen your own, he will occasionally appear with helpful advice and praise your hard work! Train your cooking skills and face new challenges in the My Kitchen Adventures game. Do your best to serve the dishes to the customers and satisfy their preferences. Will you be able to cope with all the orders? Deliver dishes as fast as possible, and don't mix them up! When the customers are satisfied, they leave generous tips. You can use extra money to improve your kitchen with new appliances and utensils, and make your place the best restaurant in town! Play the My Kitchen Adventure game and prove your superiority in the restaurant business!