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Wauies – The Pet Shop Game
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Wauies – The Pet Shop Game

Become the owner of a pet shop in the nice browser game Wauies – The Pet Shop Game! Are you fond of animals? Do you want to help them? Play the game Wauies – The Pet Shop Game and see if it’s easy or not to run a small shop for animals. If you want to try your luck in business, the game Wauies – The Pet Shop Game is the best choice. What would you think of combining a vet with a shop of various decorations? Such a nice idea, isn’t it? You may think where to get animals for your shop. Look at the animal shelters, take cats and dogs from there, examine and heal them and presto! People are happy to take care of a nice pet. Play the game Wauies – The Pet Shop Game and give people a great chance to provide animals with home! You can see all the pets, get to know about their breed and features and make a decision whether to buy a pet and bring it home or go on finding your ideal pet. There are lots of cats and dogs for you to feed, take care and decorate in the game Wauies – The Pet Shop Game. You can also train your pet to win various trophies so don’t miss a unique chance to grow a champion! Participate in lots of competitions and show everybody that only you can call your pet a true champion! Find everything necessary in the game Wauies – The Pet Shop Game: all sorts of feed, lots of boosts to grow your pet lightning fast and nice decorations, some of them are even made in one copy. Keep in mind that kittens and puppies require more attention than grown-ups so look after them carefully! You’ll get to know new breeds which you may never see before, keep your eyes open wide not to miss a thing. You have a lot to do – help the customers find the animal they want and tell them about the way to take care of it. This client he will be thankful enough to leave nice tips. All the animals are great lovers of dainties, so place special stands with frozen yogurt, fish delicacies and even dogs’ biscuits around your shop to entertain your animals with tasty food. Play the game Wauies – The Pet Shop Game and have fun in running a pet shop!