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Categories: Puzzle, Mahjong, Brain Teaser, Kids


Play Zoodomino and save animals from angry charms! Hungry chameleons want to turn all living creatures of the world into stones. Don't allow them to do it! You should help the magic dragonflies to set free all 15 prisoners. Want to know how it is possible? You'll find a detailed instruction that will help you to cope with the charms. Choose the level of difficulty that is preferable for you and start the adventure! Solving each puzzle you remove the spell from one of the animal. Every eye-teaser consists of funny colorful bricks. You should find identical pairs that can be connected with a straight line or the one with maximum 2 corners. The tiles will disappear when you click on them. Your task is to clear the board and leave a bewitched beast out. Then you'll be able to go further and save another animal on the next level. If you are confused and can't find the way out, don't give up! The dragonflies will help you. Play Zoodomino and it certainly will cheer you up! The amazing bright graphics, refreshing background music and amusing sound effects create the atmosphere of a sunny day. You have to get through 15 catching levels. Show how swift and attentive you are! Demonstrate the best result and get the points! No doubt, this game will leave no member of your family indifferent; this is entertainment for all ages. Download Zoodomino right now absolutely for free and enjoy the most challenging puzzles! Good luck! Remember, the salvation of the funny creatures is in your hands!


Download Zoodomino - Free zoo game Download Zoodomino - Free zoo game Download Zoodomino - Free zoo game


15 catching stages
3 modes of difficulty
Amazing bright graphics
Refreshing background music
Free zoo game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
256 Mb RAM
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