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Zomback is an exciting logic game. Human beings have turned into ugly zombies, help them get medicine and return to normal lives! Play this interesting brain-teaser! You are to move blocks, overcome traps or destroy objects to get the zombie to the flask with medicine. Zombie can’t move themselves so you have to remember physical laws to bring them to the aim. At first you can only destroy boxes and platforms. The less clicks you use to pass the level the more stars you get. To open the next levels you have to gain a certain number of stars, so do your best! You also need to collect stars to open the bonus levels. Remember that you can’t destroy frozen objects. After a while the traps will appear. Watch out! If your zombie gets into it he will turn into skeleton and die! After passing several levels you will be able to move the wooden objects as well as the frozen ones. But you can’t do that with moving platforms! Sometimes you have to be really quick as your zombie can fall right from the moving platform into the trap. Sometimes there are several zombies in one level that you have to rescue. The humans will also appear. Your aim will be to help the zombie without hurting the human. Zomback is a colorful and funny game. Even the zombies look cute. Have you ever seen a zombie wearing glasses? And a zombie in a spiderman costume? Funny music and sounds will create a friendly atmosphere. In the game Zomback you can open several achievements: for example, for passing 5 levels the Beginner achievement will be unlocked, and if you destroy 40 wooden objects the achievement called Hulk will be opened. Make your own collection! If you are good at solving puzzles then help poor zombies return their human lives in the game Zomback!

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