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Tulula: Legend of a Volcano
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Tulula: Legend of a Volcano

Once the inhabitants of Isle of Tulula were a peaceful people who lived in harmony with the world around them. However, one day the vengeful spirit your people guarded against escaped his bonds, and set out on a path of destruction against those who had kept him captured. Only you, the Chosen One of your people, has managed to escape the spirit's evil curse in Tulula: Legend of a Volcano. You must use your wits to release the curse upon the tribal shaman and recover the sacred totem stones he needs to perform the spell that will save your homeland.Tulula: Legend of a Volcano is an immersive point and click adventure is sure to give you hours of epic adventuring as you traverse the picturesque scenery of your tropic homeland. Climb tall mountains, cut a path through dense jungles, and spelunk down deep caves, defeating the riddles which guard the burial sites of the sacred totem stones. Only by conquering all of the challenges will you be able to restore the seal upon the ancient spirit and bring your family back.With thirty immersive scenes that contain dozens of unique puzzles, Tulula: Legend of a Volcano is a must-have for any afficionados of adventure games. Use your keen powers of observation and deduction to help in this epic quest and avoid the dangerous traps placed on the sacred totem stones in order to save the tribe!