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Treasures of Ra
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Treasures of Ra

Treasures of Ra is welcoming you in the ancient but still new and mysterious world of Ancient Egypt Civilization. You can enjoy the views and interiors of the Pyramids where the action takes place. The objective is to solve puzzles and let the sun rays reach the magic sign to empower it. But it's not that easy as you have to move the obstacles and direct the light ray towards the goal. There are mirrors, sarcophaguses and alchemy gem stones. Sometimes it takes a little longer as the obstacles are numerous and heavy. Treasures of Ra is a lovely game which is going to fascinate you with its graphics and thrilling but relaxing music. The game is full of riddles that will entertain you and bring you lots of joys. The play time is limited - it's shown in the sun window. When the sun sets and you still try to free the light ray it's time to start a level again and perform one more successful attempt. You must be really dexterous. To move objects use direction arrows and brain, of course. The task is challenging but quite simple. The levels are fast and enjoyable. So you don't get bored or too relaxed. Every time you start a level you are given a task which makes you goal more evident and awards closer. Uncover the secrets of the great civilization and become a lucky adventurer with Treasures of Ra! Find your way out of the Pyramid holding a handful and pockets full of sparkling spellbinding treasures of Pharaohs! Download the game now to get the one free and enjoyable, full of unexpected plot turns.