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Treasure Island 2
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Treasure Island 2

A new adventure has just started and you are able become a part of it! Treasure Island 2 is an excellent risky experience for young sailors and pirates! First you step down on the solid ground after a long journey somewhere in the sea. You observe most fabulous location - the Twelve Islands famous for desperate fights for luxuries and treasures of the continent. Many soldiers and pirates perished in battles for gems, crowns, sophisticated pieces of art. Lots of destinies were broken or became luckier due to them. The chests hidden underground and underwater aren't forgotten and you will be able to see them again right in front of you! Treasure Island 2 is an ideal example of a matching game where you look for rows with identical icons. After matching they disappear and you receive a reward. When you make several combinations in a row trophies are given to you for acute mind and attentions. While playing you travel from one location to another and meet old sailors and other characters telling you what is going on down there. You are always given a limited amount of time and you need to finish the task quickly. But you can also choose a relaxed mode and enjoy the process as long as you wish. Super power-ups will make your game even more amazing and surprising, so rack your brains and collect all the treasures. Funny dancing skeletons will celebrate your victories at the end of each game and you will definitely enjoy Treasure Island 2! Available to download for free right now! Discover new lands and dare to start a risky journey!