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Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus
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Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus

The Insider Tales are back with an exciting new caper that will send you dashing across the city streets in search of the greatest art thief in decades! Assume the role of Francesca di Porta, the inspector general in charge of catching the villain red-handed in Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus, and discover who could have been masterful enough to swipe Botticelli's masterpiece from right out of its frame on the museum wall. In this new point and click adventure, only meticulous exploration of the crime scene and the surrounding city will reveal the clues you need to catch the criminal. Collect evidence and tools necessary to solve the puzzles which block your path. With stunning, hand-crafted visuals, Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus is sure to create an immersive world with a compelling plot. You'll want to visit all fifteen scenes again and again in your search for missing clues, just to be sure that there are no hidden nooks you have left behind or doors you have left unopened. The wide variety of puzzles are sure to keep you engaged as you exercise your mind to its limits on your hunt for the dastardly thief. Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus is an intriguing new story sure to have you coming back for more!