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Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star
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Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star

Start the challenging journey with the new game of the famous series - Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star. In this thrilling match 3 fun the developers seemed to guess our "secret" strategy – whenever we open a new board we start matching the tiles at the bottom of it. When the lower part is ready the upper one is also nearly complete. Forget about this simple tactics while playing the stunning Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star game! You begin with a familiar type of the board but as you continue playing you unlock new types of them! As soon as you get a new skill – you immediately enjoy the next type of the board. For instance, "secret entrance" means your playing field is partially opened and you have to match the tiles near to the edge to unlock it completely. Moreover, the task to change all the tiles into the golden ones remains the same. So, don't expect an easy life even in the very beginning. The atmosphere of the game Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star is covered with the thick fog of mystery as you are searching for the precious and powerful artifact called The Sleepless Star. The scientist found himself in the rainforest has devoted the whole life searching for the treasure. And suddenly, the stone has been stolen from under his very nose. Together with the brave and beautiful Yellow Feather – the girl from the tribe – they start the investigation full of dangers and obstacles. Join them now in the great game Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star!