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The Golden Years: Way Out West
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The Golden Years: Way Out West

Build your own town and become rich in a game The Golden Years: Way Out West! Help a poor woman and her son Jacob to pay money back to a creditor and save woman's husband Samuel from jail! When Jacob was born Samuel decided to buy the store where he worked to own money for the family. He borrowed money from the richest man in town and everybody was happy. But one terrible night the store was burnt to the ground. Samuel was thrown to jail because he had no money to give back. To keep his wife and son from the same awful fate he agreed to pay much more than he owned. His wife decided to rebuild their shattered lives and is determined to found her own town and to find gold. At every level you will have different tasks that you are to fulfill. Your goals are displayed in the upper right corner. Don't forget to build a water tower first! Otherwise people won't be able to live in your town. There is a great variety of buildings: residential, industrial and commercial. Build sawmills, stores, and covered wagons for your workers. The better the living conditions are the more workers pay for rent. Upgrade houses, demolish the unnecessary ones and get as much money as you can. But the most important thing of course is to find gold! Are you ready for an adventure with the game The Golden Years: Way Out West? Build your own town in Georgia and become rich! Help the poor woman save her husband in the game The Golden Years: Way Out West!