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Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time
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Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time

Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time is a new stage of the girl's career in the fast food industry! She desperately needs your help! There are lots of clients, duties, cleaning, bills and what not… but there is also a great opportunity to prove she is a real business girl! The task in the game is to serve the clients and not to forget about everyday duties. Customers vary in age and needs. The menu is full of tidbits, snacks and tasty things you offer your clients. Write down the orders and give commands to the cooks as soon as possible. Every person has a patience level and you need to serve some of them quicker as their opinion influences the reputation. The game exercises your management skills. The better boss you are the larger profit you get. There are more than 50 levels to show your talents. After some achievements you get special awards - for speed, clean tables and the number of customers served. You can also upgrade the cafe when you earn enough money. Take care of your kitchen, customers and you will get the best feedback. Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time is a great experience for those who like career moves and management games. Control the cooks, count your profit but don't forget to smile and be friendly with customers - that is possible only if you love what you do. Amelie's Cafe: Summer Time offers you two modes and lots of bonuses to make the game process even more entertaining and never monotonous! Welcome to our new cafe: serve the best, be the best!