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Centuries ago on a faraway planet Sproinkus scientist noticed a huge meteorite which was flying their way. It was very strange: it had millions of energy crystals which were glowing very brightly. The crash with the planet was inevitable. No one could survive in such a catastrophe. But the scientists were sure that they could save people of Sproinkus. They decided to build an underground refuge for five million people. It was a marvelous plan of saving the whole civilization. People started living under the surface. Three centuries passed like this and now the food supplies are running out and it is necessary to come up to the surface. The Sproinklings need someone who could take charge of this dangerous journey. In the game Sproink you can become their leader and help them survive. Catch the falling crystals and direct them into the area of same-colored ones. To do so you have a special device. Thus you will destroy the crystals and be able to move forward and lead thousands of Sproinklings to the surface. There are hundreds of kilometers ahead and more crystals are falling and falling. Be very careful as the fate of the whole race is in your hands! You can use power-ups that will help you in dangerous situations. During your journey through the game Sproink you will reach the supply depot and find out if the old supplies are still good. Then you will visit the Lake People colony. The Cavern of Storms is a very dangerous place, be especially attentive there. Will you be able to lead the people to the surface in Sproink?