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The Village Mage. Spellbinder
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The Village Mage. Spellbinder

Why do you play the games? Perhaps, you just want to relax and entertain. And what if you help people saving their lives while playing? If you want to become useful and you're ready to do everything you can then The Village Mage. Spellbinder is for you. There is no time to put it off. Industrious workers and brave warriors are waiting for you. You're the only hope so give these nice and kind people a chance. What did The Village Mage. Spellbinder prepare for you? You'll have to collect plants, berries and mushrooms to combine them, create magic poison and use your spells to cure poor patients. Of course, it's not so easy and you must be attentive and careful not to do people any harm but provide them with proper remedy. Nobody else knows the secrets of the magic herbs. So you're responsible for those who come to you asking for help. As you have no person to advise you should complete easy missions first and then do more serious tasks. But remember you're limited in time so try to use your experience as soon as possible. You can't make mistakes and there is only one opportunity for people to get better. Make 12 unique elixirs and the villagers will be grateful to you. Pass level by level and invent new ways to make people overcome their illnesses. The Village Mage. Spellbinder has a lot of surprises for you such as bonuses and special hints which will direct you. Just make lines of the ingredients and add them to your collection. The game is very creative, demands your skills and imagination and it's really worth trying.