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Solitaire Twist Collection
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Solitaire Twist Collection

Solitaire Twist Collection is a new kind of entertainment for those who adore its classical version. The whole difference is that here you can find more absorbing moments like bonus moves or power-ups that broaden the boundaries of the game. The rules are simple and you follow the same plot direction. The dramatic shift is in the graphics and the entertaining part of the game. It's definitely evolved. You still keep on clearing cards off the board by matching them. Use the Joker as a universal match for every card on the board. After a level or two there will be more opportunities for storing and moving cards. Solitaire Twist Collection gives you a variety of chances for upgrading your skills and gaining points. Reshuffle, use power-up wisely and be quick. Every new level will bring you victory and joy. Amazing open space theme will let you relax. Card backs vary and backgrounds will change. So even though the game is the same the gamer will have different feelings. Solitaire Twist Collection lets you choose all the options of the game and adapt it completely to your personal taste. Start from the simple mode and then you'll see even more pleasing moments. For example, you can freely select the type of cards' arrangement on boards and choose what you want to see on your screen. Create your own mode setting the game the way you'd like it to be after downloading it today. Rack your brains and challenge your attention! Download Solitaire Twist Collection right now absolutely for free!

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