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Solitaire Game. Christmas
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Solitaire Game. Christmas

Immerse into the miraculous atmosphere of Christmas and complete all the packs with the highest possible score! In the ravishing Solitaire Game. Christmas you are to enjoy 12 picturesque locations and get scores while playing. Visit a gorgeously decorated Winter Fair and beautiful Toy Store to complete challenging solitaire packs. The game is simple yet entertaining – you are to remove all the cards from the game board and get prize scores. A card is taken from the board and placed on a card below, keep in mind that it should be higher or lower, you can use the cards of every stripe as well. Choose the difficulty mode and appreciate both simple mechanics and dynamic gameplay in the game Solitaire Game. Christmas! Both amateurs and professionals will find the game to their taste, so play Solitaire Game. Christmas and have hours of unforgettable fun!