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Shopping Marathon - Free shopping game
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Shopping Marathon

Spring has come bringing new challenges into your life! And it's absolutely necessary to renew the stuff you possess. Go hunting for bargains with a shopping list that you really need not to waste too much. The game is designed very realistically and won't give you a chance of overspending. First, choose the mode that you find appropriate for you. Shopping Marathon may be played in a marathon mode when you have to buy quickly. You have limited amount of money and time and you have to hurry up to purchase what you need. The second mode is for those who like collecting. Actually the task is to gather as many objects as are given in the list. Hurry up! You need to move coins in order to get what you need and select objects with similar price, otherwise you will spend too much. Try both, compare and enjoy! Get the pleasure of another fantastic advantage of the game. There are three types of payments - with coins, notes or prestige cards that are given to the best shoppers! Shopping Marathon will give you lots of opportunities and develop your creativity while you can enjoy the process! The game Shopping Marathon also includes three magnificent bonus types that are never superfluous - bonus score, bonus time and bonus cash! We are offering you an incredible assortment of goods available - just say yes! Feel free to spend and be rewarded for wise buys! What can relax more than the idea that everything is at your elbow you just need to make up your mind. Download this free and enjoyable game now and see what's new on the shelves! Shopping has never been so entertaining before! Take part in the craze and stay in shape as an advanced shopper.


Download Shopping Marathon - Free shopping game Download Shopping Marathon - Free shopping game Download Shopping Marathon - Free shopping game


Lots of goods available
Numerous levels
Challenging tasks
Enjoyable playtime
Amazing scenery and music
Free shopping game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 600 Mhz or better
128 Mb RAM
DirectX 6.0
based on

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