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Shadows: Price for Our Sins
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Shadows: Price for Our Sins

What a nice night! - thought Dylan on the way to the so long-expected Halloween party. She was going to join the mesmerizing adventure in the company of her best friends. She has not seen them for ages and now it's the perfect opportunity to meet at the old farm and celebrate the mysterious All Saints' Day. Dylan's best friend Samanta had inherited this devastated farm after her grandmother's death and it was difficult to find the spookier place for such an ominous party! Aren't you afraid of darkness and monstrous creatures hidden in its' shadows? Download the thrilling game Shadows: Price for Our Sins and take part in the breathtaking Halloween party! You can't even imagine what awaits you at the ancient farm! Help Dylan reveal the mystery and save her friends from the hellish captivity! Be ready to guess the riddles and puzzles from the very beginning of the game, quick wit and perfect memory will save your life without fail! The party was really going to be a rave: solemn decorations were everywhere - numerous lanterns made of carved pumpkins grinned at their horror-stricken smiles, ugly monsters were painted at the yellowed by time wallpapers and not even a breath of wind shook the age-old oaks. Dylan felt ill at ease there and her foreboding didn't deceive her - she left the house for a while and didn't find her friends - all of them disappeared in no time without a trace. Now you are to help Dylan find her friends and set innocent souls free! Play the game Shadows: Price for Our Sins and destroy all the witchcraft artifacts that are scattered all over the farm! And… welcome to Hell!