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World Riddles: Seven Wonders
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World Riddles: Seven Wonders

Everyone has heard about the Seven Wonders of the World. But only a few will get the wonderful opportunity to see them and to find out a lot of fascinating facts about these astonishing places and buildings. Download the game World Riddles: Seven Wonders and become one of those lucky people! Your goal is to collect all of pieces of the Medal. To do so you will have to solve numerous puzzles. Each of them looks like a set of squares which are concealing the globes. To find them you can use the hints: the numbers mean how many globes are hidden in this row or column. It is similar to the game Sudoku but the World Riddles: Seven Wonders is much better because you get awards for the time it took you to solve the riddle, your accuracy and number of mistakes. In the next levels there will be two or more numbers for each row which means that there are clusters of globes. It is getting harder and harder, so rack your brains and be very attentive! When you pass the levels you can play additional mini-games. For example, restore the armory of the Lighthouse or collect a wick to connect the torch to the log. One by one you will discover all 7 of the World Wonders. The first one will be the Lighthouse of Alexandria. You will learn incredible facts about each of the magnificent buildings. Your journey will be accompanied by pleasant music which will help you concentrate on the puzzles. With the World Riddles: Seven Wonders you will become more quick-witted and intelligent as you will access the information only a few people know.

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