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Royal Jigsaw
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Royal Jigsaw

Are you a great puzzle-lover? Then the game Royal Jigsaw is for you. You’ll find yourself in the bright world with picturesque landscapes and castles. Do you feel like wandering in deep forests or visiting gorgeous palaces? In the bright game Royal Jigsaw you can escape from the daily routine and relax. In the game Royal Jigsaw you can find a lot of different pictures with beaches, cartoons and even portraits. Puzzles are considered to be the best way to develop your logical and creative thinking, so don't miss the opportunity to train your brain. Choose a picture and go on playing! The rules are easy: you are to complete the whole picture from the chaotically thrown pieces. It's not as easy as it seems. There are hundreds of pieces in the game Royal Jigsaw and sometimes it's really undertaking to make a picture. Start making a puzzle and you won't stop. Right-click the jigsaw element to turn it and then move it to an empty slot. Be diligent and attentive and you'll get excellent trophies: "Meditation", "Collection", "Patience" and others. If you want to cope with the puzzle quickly - make a picture of 12 pieces, it will take 5 minutes. But if you are going to create a real masterpiece, choose the picture of more than 200 pieces. The magnificent game Royal Jigsaw is for all family. Both adults and children will find a picture to their taste. If you need more space, use special "Pocket" and put unnecessary pieces there. Don't forget about hints – they will help you when you are at a loss. There are 4 boxes with puzzles at your disposal, rack your brain and get numerous trophies! Become the Jigsaw Master in the new absorbing game Royal Jigsaw!