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Royal Gems
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Royal Gems

Have you always been fascinated with a sparkling shine of precious stones? Would you like to find yourself at the Croesus' gorgeous depository and admire endless treasures of the richest king in the world? Now you have such a chance! In the game Royal Gems you'll become the treasure keeper! You are to fulfill lots of quests and get different awards. Complete the tasks of each level as quickly as you can. Precious rubies, magnificent emeralds and sky-blue sapphires can blind you with its dazzling shine, but don't forget that you have the certain number of turns to complete the task. Don't be in a hurry and think over each of your turns to get nice rewards! In the game Royal Gems you are to remove the certain number of gems and activate bonuses to cope with challenging tasks. To destroy gems, select three or more gems of the same color. By forming shapes with the gems you charge bonuses that can be very helpful. To obtain one, collect four shapes of the same type. For instance, four "Zs" will activate the "Chain Bomb" bonus. And four squares will give you the “Bomb” bonus. To activate a bonus include it in a chain of any color. Pass the levels and get crystals to buy power-ups and improve different components of the game. The power-up named "Clock" will add steps to each level, so you will be able to get more gems and earn extra crystals. Play the game Royal Gems and have fun!