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Royal Envoy
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Royal Envoy

Curious about visiting new continents and islands with treasured dug by pirates? Welcome to the team of Cedric and a boy who explore Islandshire! Bodacious journey is ahead in the company of a wise counselor and a little impudent boy who are eager to show you new horizons! Welcome on board the ship that travels from one island to another. You are the Royal Envoy who has been sent for exploring and enhancing new lands. Every time you land on a new island which differs greatly from the previous one. Palm and rocky islands wait for you and get you ready for the further innovations and construction activities. Each land has specific features of climate and land; however, obstacles and pirates demanding for ransom are everywhere. But nothing must frighten or stop you as there's a great reward that you get after completing the task. It's absolutely fascinating time management game - Royal Envoy! There are fallen trees that need to be eliminated, houses of various types and lots of heroes that you get acquainted with! Nothing compares to Royal Envoy in the terrific number of surprises! You are given tasks and there is a parallel storyline that you follow with the main heroes, travel with them in numerous ships and even a balloon. You deal with merchants and make bargains with greedy pirates - that's what Royal Envoy is about. A gorgeous story mixed with a thought-provoking time management game. We bet you've never tried anything like that before! Available to download now!